Something I Found

When I was looking for a blog that was the same as mines, i was looking for something that had pictures of what they did to live life to the fullest. At first i wasn’t finding anything because everything i found had just words that expresses there was of living life. But i realized that not everyone is going to show the world pictures of what they do, they will just express it in words. The blog that i found talked about how you shouldn’t worry about the past, keep moving forward. Don’t waste a second because every minute count. And the person blog i found asked people how do you live life to the fullest. So when they got their responses, the blogger uploaded what people said. 30 people responded to the question. They expressed their ways in word. My blog is showing the actual things that i do to have fun, or the places i go, to explore that i have never did before. I feel like what is a better way of showing someone what you do to have fun in life, then pictures. i know words can explain everything, but showing someone a people of what you are specifically talking about is a way better way to show people. In my blog that is what i am doing, not expressing it in words, expressing it in with pictures.